Setup Instructions


  • Tour Proven Putting Aid
  • Kinetic Ball Returner
  • Patented Skill Challenge
  • Drainemall Tour Speed Putting Mat


  • Improve your line, speed and confidence right out of the box
  • Benefits everyone from beginners to tour pros
  • Makes putting practice addictive and super focused
  • Never move to retrieve a ball again
  • Get tour quality feedback anywhere, anytime


Real Advantages

  • Banish the YIPS in an hour
  • Learn top-spin in a day
  • Fix your speed and distance in a week
  • No batteries required
  • Portable, easy set up and use

Boomerang Method

WANT TO PUTT LIKE ME? Let’s Skype for a lesson and I’ll have you doing trick shots in no time!

Don’t need tricks, just want to hole more putts? Get HOLEMORE and my FREE Hacks video and you’ll do just that.

My name’s Alex Moore and twenty years ago my putting sucked. To fix it, I made a special tool. The tool, for measuring straightness of line and proximity to target, exposed my flaws immediately. I hated missing the ramp, but every time I got close to a personal record I’d get nervous and… It took me a few hundred thousand putts to ‘find a way,’ but I did, and I’ve owned line control ever since.

Another few hundred thousand putts, spread out over a couple of months, and I cracked distance control too. Until you try, you can’t believe how hard it is to stop a putt on something the size of a silver dollar, and knock it off again. An inch too short or long, left or right, and you fail (but the ball still comes back). Want next level difficulty? Try doing it with the toe or back of the putter. Unless you try, you can’t believe the challenge. Yet, here I am, telling you I can show you how to do it. There IS a solution, and it IS easy to learn.

Get my latest Boomerang, HOLEMORE, and a Putting Training Mat, then Skype with me. I’ll teach you catch and release with any part of the putter you choose.

I’ve given thousands of lessons and have hundreds of videos on YouTube. I’ve also rolled over two million putts, worked with some of the best in the game & tested every putter, stroke, grip and aid I could find.

With my experience, tools and method, you’ll be holing more putts AND doing trick shots after just one lesson. The Boomerang has been used by tour pros since the 90s because it’s take-anywhere. It’s also quiet, fast and effective because it demands a higher skill than any other putting aid.

Finally, there’s my personal guarantee: Skype lesson, then use HOLEMORE for two weeks. If your stats don’t improve, I’ll refund your money and you can keep the device, and mat, with my compliments. 
“Enjoy your practice, love your putting!” 

Alexander Moore CEO – 


I received my Boomerang Putting System in the mail last Friday. I’ve been using it for about thirty minutes a day and I’ve got to say I’m incredibly impressed with it. I’ve seen some brief reviews of the Boomerang and I wasn’t horribly impressed. It seemed so simple, just lag the first putt in, and strike it out with the second. I was really wrong. The Boomerang is marked by simplicity in design, but extreme difficulty in execution. Let me explain…

Incredibly Impressed! "Taylormadefan" - golfwrx

This contraption has helped everyone I know. Good putters get better and poor putters get decent… this thing reduced my putts per round significantly.

Significant Reduction In Putts Per Round! "buster" - bombsquadgolf

This is a very clever device. Not much to it, but there doesn’t have to be. It is much more challenging than any other device I have used, and more reliable in getting the ball back to you for the next shot than most. I like the fact that it has no cord or batteries, and it is clear this will grove your stroke more conveniently than most anything else.

This will grove your stroke more than anything else! Solutions Etcetera - golfwrx

I love the thing for just being able to pound out putt after putt. It is hard to stop the ball in the cup, but I’m getting decent at it. The main thing I’m concerned with putting at home is a good stroke and straight putt. This is great for practicing that considering the mat and ramp is only about 6 inches wide. The ball pretty much always gets returned within reach and you can easily hit 100 putts in a short session. With the speed of the mat and angle of the ramp, you’re practicing very long putts with only about 8-9 feet of distance, however I’ve found that it doesn’t mess up my distance control. I was at the practice green yesterday and was able to dial in the distance very quickly after two straight weeks on the boomerang.

Dialing in the Distance! highergrOund - golfwrx

The Boomerang is absolutely awesome. It forces you to really, really work on line and speed to the point that you have to be exact on both. It can be really frustrating during practice though, but I’ve found the tradeoff of less frustration when it matters to be worth it. Just make sure you practice different distances and whatnot. And as you don’t have to spend time shagging balls, you easily knock 3 times as many putts as you otherwise would if just knocking balls to a target in a given time. As for green reading, I’ve found that to be much easier to do when you know that the ball will go where you want it. So get the Boomerang, use it, and the rest will take care of itself.

Absolutely Awesome & Well Worth It! beruo - GolfWRX

I must say that for the first time in quite a while I feel pretty confident of getting close with my putting. The lengthening of the through swing and acceleration through the ball is providing me with a much smoother, repeatable stroke.

Confident for the first time in a while!! IanO - ozgolf

The more time you spend practicing with it, the better your putting will get, fact!.. For me personally it has helped MY putting stroke and has given me much more confidence.

Great for putting confidence regardless of your putting style! popper81 - ozgolf

I probably spent a good two hours each day on the Boomerang and I went from being horrible at this system to somewhat respectable… the results speak for themselves. It was pretty incredible. I was hitting putts within 6″ of the cup consistently. I can’t remember the last time I was putting so well and consistently. Probably not since High School when I played competitively 10-12yrs ago. That’s when I had the time and luxury to practice nearly everyday.

Can’t even remember the last time I was putting so well! Michael Ha - golfwrx

The boomerang is very unforgiving. I think it’s easy to lose sight that you might jump on it for 5 minutes and hit 30+ dead straight putts, with most likely to finish in close range, even if you only manage a couple of catch and releases in that figure. You tend to focus on the lack of C&R success but it is grooving your stroke with every putt. I think this is why I am seeing pretty good results even when I think I have not put the best stroke on it. I thought you putted pretty good ‘nut…? How many did you have?

RESULTS !! Pieface - ozgolf

31 putts today. Zero 3 putts. Ordinary at middle distance still. Haven’t practiced putting in 8 days but felt good over the lag putts straight after I rolled the first one. Continue to surprise myself with how good the result is even on ones I think I have fudged up.

Sans 3 Putts! Pieface - ozgolf