The New Way to Practice

It's addictive.

It's tough.

It's fun.

If you practice more often, your putting will improve. It's just logic.

Will cut strokes off your round. I guarantee that!

Alex Moore, Golf Coach.


Do you want to...

...have fewer putts?

...practice more effectively & efficiently?

...gain confidence in your stroke?

...perfect distance control?

...master line control?

If there was a tour-proven device that was reasonably priced, simple to use and did all the above (or your money back), would you buy it today? Well, we guarantee the Boomerang Putting Trainer is the answer to any golfer's putting questions.


What is the Boomerang Putting Trainer?


Putting Aid

Addictive Skill Challenge
Kinetic Ball Returner 


Why use it?


Quality Practice & Amazing Feedback

Improves Line, Speed & Confidence

Never Move Off Your Spot, Use Only 2 Balls
Highly Engaging & Heaps of Fun!


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