Alexander Moore - inventer of indoor Golf Ball Return System

My name is Alexander Moore and in 1997, tired of chasing practice putts around my living room in London, I designed my own golf ball returner. My device was quiet, didn’t need batteries or power, was incredibly efficient AND even had a built in skill challenge – its very own game of ‘catch & release.’

Standing in one spot, I found never moving or changing my setup to fetch balls was a massive advantage over my old battery-powered ball returner – and I absolutely loved it! Even my woefully bad putts came back – just like a Boomerang (hence the name). But, as well as rolling heaps more putts, there was an even bigger advantage – for my stroke.

Because my Boomerang’s game was so engaging I found myself practicing a lot more – sometimes for hours on end. It never seemed like practice though – it was just fun! Instantly addicted to the challenge, the more intensely focussed putts I rolled, the better my stroke became. Then one day, purely by chance, I discovered something truly amazing. That discovery was synchronized putting. Synchronized putting was like finding a switch that turned on amazing distance control – and it’s remained on ever since!

When you think about it, just about all bat and ball sports – golf, cricket, tennis, baseball, hockey, pool and numerous others, have an element of synchronization in order to master them. Putting stands out as one that traditionally has had more of a ‘jabbing, stabbing or hitting’ action – until now that is! My synchronized putting stroke – the Boomerang Technique – features my own yip-busting grip, topspin AND synchronization. Fifteen years on, and synchronization continues to make BoomTech an easy way for good putters to putt better and terrible putters to master line and distance control for the first time in their lives. So, if you fit into either of those catagories, grab yourself a Boomerang Putting Trainer and let’s get you skilled up right away!

Love Your Putting!

Alexander Moore – Inventor
CEO Boomerang