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The BOOMERANG PUTTING TRAINER combines a professional Putting Aid, a kinetic ball returner and an addictive skill challenge.

As a putting aid, the Boomerang sets up in seconds and offers instant feedback on every putt. As a ball returner it has two main advantages over other returners. First it operates without the need for batteries or AC power, and second it allows the user to stay put and never chase after errant golf balls ever again!

Finally, as the ultimate skill test, the Boomerang has the ability to keep a golfer riveted to their spot for hours, as they learn to master the famous Boomerang Challenge.


Most golfers have a shape to their putting stroke. Shape is the ball’s tendency to tail right or left as it loses momentum. Shape is caused when a bias is imparted on the ball as it’s struck.

Bad putters are often ignorant of the shape of their stroke. Good putters generally know their shape and compensate for it. Knowing their tendency is to miss right, for example, a good putter will instinctively play more break to the left. That’s one solution and, when it works, it works well. But, when it goes wrong, it fast becomes a train wreck for your confidence.


The Boomerang immediately identifies the shape of your putting stroke. It does this by eliminating variables before you even start putting. Knowing your putt is straight before you roll it, you also know that any deviation in the path of the ball can only be attributed to the shape of your stroke.

From my experience it’s never a good idea to try and fix one error with another. The alternative to Sidespin is Topspin. Topspin is what I teach and it makes a rolling ball hold it’s line like it’s glued on.

‘EVERY PUTT IS A STRAIGHT PUTT.’ That old chestnut means if you can’t hit a straight putt, you’ve got no hope on a breaking putt. Conversely, once you learn to roll straight, and you know you can do it 100 times in a row, breaking putts become that much easier as a result. When you learn to putt with less shape it will do wonders for your confidence!


The Boomerang isn’t just about rolling putts with Overspin. What elevates it to an entirely new level is a relentless demand for absolute distance control. See the ball in the target above? Well, getting it to stick in such a shallow depression requires masterful control of a rolling object. I liken it to balancing a ball on something the size of a drink coaster (from up to 12ft away).


The Boomerang is quite literally ‘perfect practice.’ The device requires perfect line and length on every putt, or the ball comes straight back to you to try again. Working in three ways to improve your line, distance and confidence too, it is incredibly efficient, totally addictive and instantly rewarding in terms of holing more putts.


The Boomerang’s patented catch and release challenge is what makes the device so infuriatingly addictive. Another is the feeling of confidence you get when you know you can strike out the first ball (to beat a matchplay opponent, or your best score), with the very next putt! It’s a fact, ‘alternating lag and strike putts builds real belief in your own ability to roll a ball accurately under pressure.’ That’s something to which no other putting aid can lay claim.

Get yourself a BT TRAINER today. I have a money-back-guarantee that says your superior line and distance control, and real confidence under pressure, will make great putting a pillar of your game in no time at all.

Love Your Putting!

Alexander Moore
Boomerang Putting



  • Originally designed for Tour Pros to use in their hotel rooms
  • Roll up to 400 putts an hour and never leave your spot
  • High-speed kinetic ball returner returns good and bad putts
  • The ‘catch & release’ challenge needs only two golf balls
  • A level tester ensures you practice on a flat surface
  • Our best ever felt is a dream to putt on
  • Works on any flat surface, with or without a putting mat
  • Assembles and disassembles in seconds (BT TRAINER ONLY)
  • Set for optimum length & medium degree of difficulty (BT TRAINER ONLY)


  • Starts improving putting skills AND confidence from day one!
  • Makes putting practice totally addictive!
  • Benefits all golfers from beginners to tour pros
  • Stay put, maintain your setup to maximize your practice time
  • Instant, high quality feedback, on every putt
  • Goes anywhere, for an intense putting workout anytime
  • So quiet you can even use it while others are sleeping
  • Practice an identical challenge on every putt – only variable is the stroke (BT TRAINER ONLY)