As a putting aid, the HOLEMORE Tour has a built-in level finder so you only roll straight putts. When you're working on stroke mechanics (line control), and you know there's no break, you also know everything else has to be the stroke. That's gold! 


As a skill test, set the device to suit you: easy, medium, or as hard as you want. Remember, counting putts is pressure in itself, so once you're on the scoreboard, whenever you step up you're always chasing a new Personal Best (PB)!

Finally, as a ball returner, you're going to love how the HOLEMORE Tour returns putts up to 12ft, quietly and efficiently, without batteries or AC power. That means you never have to move, and that means less stuff to think about so faster results.

The HOLEMORE Training Mat was chosen as a perfect match for the HOLEMORE Tour and an ideal surface upon which to work on your stroke. Calibrated so you always know the length of putt you're practicing, it's rubber backed so it can be unrolled, ironed (if necessary), and used right away, on any flat surface. The bound edge keeps the ball on the mat, and quiet, most of the time.

If you're a golfer you'll get a Catch & Release (C&R) in your first session. If you're not a golfer, make sure you set up the device as easy as possible, then start counting your putts. At some point you'll Catch & Release a ball. How many putts did it take? Did you get it in ten? Twenty? More? Whatever the number, if you were counting, you've just achieved your first PB... Now beat it! First timers, or newbs, if you find it hard to putt and count at the same time put your phone in the cradle (provided), and record yourself until you get a Catch & Release. A quick playback will give you the number of putts, and hopefully a nice PB.

As you invest more time and your skills improve, C&Rs will require fewer and fewer putts. Counting putts introduces an element of pressure but it also lets you quantify your practice and measure your progress, as you work toward a clearly defined goal. That goal is to move from counting putts, to counting C&Rs. When you can measure your skill in consecutives, you know you're on your way! It's also a launching pad. After two, you're on a journey anywhere you want to go with the putter! Three. Four. Five. Why not ten?


The HOLEMORE Tour & HOLEMORE Mat are comfortably challenging and really are FUN. This, combined with the process of chasing your PB, will carry your putting much closer to where you want it to be than wherever it is now.



There are some fantastically instructive angles from which to observe and learn about your putting stroke, but possibly none more so than the 'worm's eye view.' Use the Camera Holder (provided), setup your smart phone (as directed) and get ready to see the relationship between the putter and ball on a known straight putt! The good ones look amazing! The poor ones, not so much but, to paraphrase the great Ben Hogan, you'll learn more from your mistakes than you will from your successes.


As your skill with the putter improves, change the height of the device and challenge yourself on different length putts. There are three height settings (LOW, MID, HIGH), for short, medium and long putts. When your stroke is up to it, test yourself on each level and distance. Keep score.

Add to the challenge by increasing the degree of difficulty. As soon as you think it's too easy, insert one of the 'Level Up' discs (provided) and the device becomes twice as hard. Add two discs for a 
test of distance control that's world class

How good is your putting? Good enough to get five or ten in-a-row already? Two in-a-row is an achievement for an average golfer because it requires skill, not luck. If you're already better than that, bring it! My own PB, 14, felt incredible to me at the time, but it's still way off the World Record: 23 in-a-row (YouTube: Boomerang Putting World Record). Are you good enough to beat the record? There is a prize!

Whether you're playing matchplay against a mate for beers, or you're chasing your own PB, whether you seek accuracy beyond mere mortals, or you're trying to work on something in your hotel room between rounds, the HOLEMORE Tour will engage you at your current skill level, then provide a route to help you improve - who ever you are.


The C&R challenge is infuriatingly FUN. That's what makes it seriously addicting. I recommend 15 minute sessions, but most users say they practice more often, and for longer than they ever have before!

Rolling a ball about every ten seconds means you can roll 100 putts in just 15 minutes. In the beginning, the sheer number of reps gives your stroke an immediate kick start. Some customers report rolling thousands of putts a day! A thousand putts is about two hours solid work. At the pinnacle of the sport obviously there are many who are that dedicated. Regular golfers, on the other hand, find their motivation in finally being able to end their putting woes. Twenty five years ago, when I was trying to get really sharp, for a while I practiced up to 8 hours a day. At the time I regarded the 'Catch & Release' challenge as a lock, and I set about trying to find a key.

The kit sets up, and packs up, in seconds, super convenient and highly portable, you're going to give yourself plenty of opportunities for a session, anywhere you might be. That means an abundance of quality feedback, on tap. With the HOLEMORE Tour you'll never suffer being stranded in the putting wilderness again - guaranteed.


If you work hard enough this is where the process can lead. Encouraged by the success that comes from measuring and managing progress, you'll practice harder and harder. Scoring your PB in consecutive putts, it'll grow as your skills continue to sharpen; three, four... Eventually, you'll tiptoe around 'The Zone'. Five, six... Until you finally fall in. When you're finished, and suffering a little shell-shock, you'll most probably say something like -

'Did I really just get 10? In-a-row? You saw it, right? OMG, please tell me the camera was on! It was so
easy... It just flowed.'

Achieve real control on the HOLEMORE Tour, get ten in-a-row for example, and you're ready to putt the lights out wherever you go! 

When your stroke is sharp enough, and you've outgrow your training mat, step up to where the big boys play. The WIN MORE Tournament Mat is Crystal Velvet and fast. Very FAST! If you can master the HOLEMORE Tour, at tournament speed, like you were able to on the slow mat, you'll have arrived at your destination. That's when you'll head into any event, tournament or match, knowing you can mix it with the best in the business - GUARANTEED.


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