The HOLEMORE Putting Trainer... it's a tour-proven putting aid, a patented skill challenge and a kinetic ball returner. These features all combine to help you rapidly improve your stroke mechanics, distance control and confidence! Unlike many other putting aids, the HOLEMORE comes with its own fast putting surface.

As a training aid, the HOLEMORE helps with face and path (line control). As a skill challenge it will engage you for hours on end, and for years to come. As a ball returner, it works up to 12ft, without batteries or AC power.

Perfect Your Stroke Mechanics


Originally used by tour pros whilst on the road, this is hands-down the most efficient way to enhance your putting away from the greens. With non-stop reps, you alternate between precise lag and strike putts (catch & release), making you very proficient, very quickly. AND it's actually fun and you feel you are being challenged!


Patented Two Ball Challenge


The 'Catch & Release' challenge is unique to the HOLEMORE. Addictive, you'll practice more often and efficiently than you ever have. Work on lag putts and automatically improve line control. Work on line, and you get distance for free. AND whatever you're working on, you'll build your confidence from day one, guaranteed.


Maximise Your Downtime


The HOLEMORE Putting Trainer has been used off course by some of the world's best for over twenty years because it's efficient and it's feedback is unmatched.​ Setup your smart phone for a worms eye view and you will be amazed by what you see!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Well you decide this! If your lag putting and stroke mechanics do not improve after 30 days of use, we will send you a full refund. You really have nothing to lose except shots off your handicap. This device is addictive, making you practice more often and more efficiently than you ever have before. 


Whilst you work on lag putts, you also improve your putter alignment, your line control, your striking confidence and your muscle memory.  You will get more reps and better feedback than you can ever imagine and, like over 25,000 other golfers, you will absolutely love it.

You may mock this bold claim and why not? You have heard it all before. Plenty of products also claim to help you improve your putting mechanics, but we are so certain that we guarantee it or your money back. We have been offering money back for over 20 years and we have sold over 25,000 units. You know how many we have had back? 20. That's it.


Get yours TODAY.

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