Q: How do I prepare and submit a video of my putting stroke?

A: In order to teach you BoomTech, I need to see your stroke in action on the Boomerang. Send me a shot, framed like the one above, and it will really help to highlight the relationship between the putter and ball. To frame the shot correctly there are some very important things to remember.

1. Put your video camera, or phone, directly on the end of your mat AT BALL LEVEL.
2. Ensure the shot is even, i.e. your camera lens is in the centre of the mat and the shape formed by the edges of the mat is an isosceles triangle or pyramid, with the Boomerang at it’s apex.
3. Get as tight as you can. That usually means losing some of the foreground, but still making sure the putter is visible in shot at all times.
4. Make the video about 5-6 putts.
5. Make sure you have adequate lighting, especially around the target.

Good luck with your first video. If you follow these steps I’m sure you’ll do very well. I’ll give you feedback, not just on your stroke, but on your video too so, if there are any problems, I’ll tell you how to fix them for video #2.

Q: How does the Boomerang work?

A: The Boomerang Putting Trainer works in three ways to improve your putting, starting from day one. As a ball returner it works without batteries or AC power to help you maintain your setup while you roll heaps of putts. Secondly, as a professional putting aid it provides instant feedback on the shape of your putting stroke. Eliminating any chance of break before you start putting, watching a ball deviate on the incline tells you that you’re putting a bias on your putts. Thirdly, the catch and release challenge is so addictive it will keep you glued to your spot, while you pursue a pure topspin roll and absolute distance control.

Use the Boomerang’s instant feedback to figure out the elements of perfect line and distance control for yourself, or simply follow the link to my FREE BoomTech Lessons & Drills to get yourself on the fast track!

Q: What is the Boomerang Technique?

A: the Boomerang Technique, or BoomTech, is a putting stroke synchronized to the speed of the ball, that generates overspin which to keep a ball on line even when its losing momentum.

Q: How long would my Boomerang putt be if it was on a flat surface?

A: People often ask, “How far would my Boomerang putt roll, if it was on a flat green?”

So I tell them – Assuming the surface speeds are the same, then the way to convert a Boomerang putt to a flat surface putt is to double the distance the ball rolls on the putting surface (not on the incline).

While I’m happy to explain how to convert a Boomerang putt to a flat putt, I also always stress that putting according to a formula isn’t as effective as achieving distance control through synchronization.

The fastest way I know to achieve great distance control is to practice matching the ball and putter speed. It’s as simple as that. The effect of synchronization on your distance control is immediate, permanent, and astonishing! It’s also where the Boomerang really comes into its own – allowing you to practice and perfect this relationship up to 400 times an hour.

Q: What grip should I use?

A: You’ll find out in Lessons & Drills.

Q: How should I stand?

A: You’ll find out in Lessons & Drills.

Q: Where should my hands be?

A: You’ll find out in Lessons & Drills.

Q: What drills are there?

A: Tick-Tock. The Ruler. Elbow-Hip. Slice Your Toes. All of them are covered in detail in BoomTech – Lessons & Drills.

Q: Why do I keep missing my Boomerang?

A: Because you’re standing too far away. A key principal of the Boomerang is to build confidence, not wreck it. If you can’t hit your line, or the device, consistently from 8ft – then try 6ft. If 6ft is still too hard, try 4ft. Whatever it takes to get that little white thing coming back to you all the time – do it!

Q: What's the biggest mistake I can make?

A: The single biggest mistake you can make on the Boomerang, is to ignore my golden rule. My golden rule is – ALWAYS practice and play on the same speed surface. If you practice fast and play slow, or visa versa, you’ll come unstuck every time!