My name is Alex Moore and in 1997 I lived in small flat in North London. It was the middle of winter and I'd been banned from using my noisy battery-powered golf ball returner because my girlfriend's ear infection made it torture for her, or so she said. Not long after, while climbing the walls, inspiration struck. Channeling my inner Blue Peter, I made a device to reward perfect putts and return poor putts. It operated without batteries, and with very little noise! I nicknamed my device the 'Boomerang' because even when I missed, the ball still came back.


I started rolling hundreds, then thousands of putts at a time. I never had to move off my spot, or break  setup to fetch a ball. For someone who loved practice, like me, it was fantastic how deep I could dive in just one session. After using my device for only a few days I could see my stroke looked better. I noticed it was more accurate on the course, others noticed too. Looking back, my skills were being honed super fast, and like never before.

Back then, as a part-time caddy and Patron of the EPGA Tour, I was lucky to share putting greens with some of the best in the world; Rose, Stenson, Woosnam, Rocca, Clarke, James and Torrance, amongst others. Soon ninety players were using my device. Many of them still do. Those days were heaps of fun, I'm always grateful for everyone that helped along the way.


Now, to you. How's your putting? Are you holing enough? No? Then what if there was a tour-proven, fast-working way to fix that? The HOLEMORE Tour works - period. 30 days after you get it, if your stats and skills aren't sharp, keep it & I'll refund your money! I'm that confident in my product.

Whether you're investing in your stroke today, or not, roll 'em straight!

Thanks for checking us out.   



Alex Moore 
Inventor / CEO




For me, the perfect practice session isn't ever having to alter my setup to retrieve a stray ball. It's more like a science experiment, isolating the variable you're working on, measuring and managing your progress, as you home in on improving a specific outcome. If you're lucky, and you've got the HOLEMORE Tour to help, it's also engaging and rewarding, meaning you always want to do more. 

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