So if you come to this page I guess you wanted to know a bit more about the HOLEMORE. Well I'm just the guy to tell you! My name is Alex Moore and over 20 years ago whilst stuck indoors, banned from using my noisy battery-powered ball returner by my irritated girlfriend, inspiration smacked me in the face and I made a device to return the balls to me without any power or noise - out of a cornflake box!!


After using my prototype cardboard ramp, with a regulation size hole in it, I soon realised that this was helping me improve my stroke mechanics in a way I had never experienced before. I nicknamed it the 'Boomerang' because when I missed, the balls always came back down the ramp to me. I could literally hit hundreds of putts and not have to move to get them back!


So now anyone, be they an amateur or a pro-level golfer, can get superb feedback from hundreds of very precise putts whilst never breaking setup or moving off their spot to retrieve a ball! Can you imagine how quickly you can start to remove flaws in your stroke? Everyone has them lets be honest with each other, but now you can easily see them and if you can see them, you can fix them.


As I started to develop the device over time, we eventually managed to gain PGA Tour access and we would demonstrate the Boomerang on the practice greens, during the days of practice before a tournament began.


Over a few exciting years I shared many a practice green with Rose, Stenson, Woosnam, Rocca, Clarke, James, Torrance and so many others. I was truly lucky to have access to some amazing golfers, most of whom reacted really positively once we showed them what it could do. Soon ninety players were using my Boomerang.


Fast-forward to 2020. How's your putting? If you don't hole enough putts, then what if there was a tour-proven, fast working, way to change that? The 2020 adjustable HOLEMORE Putting Trainer is dispatched fast, with tracking. 30 days after you get it, if your stats and skills aren't razor-sharp, keep it & I'll refund your money! That's how confident I am in my device.


I will leave you with the following statement


'For me, a perfect practice session is a science experiment. It's isolating the variable you're working on and measuring your progress so it can be managed. It's also engaging and rewarding, so you keep doing more and perfect practice is not having to break set-up to retrieve a ball, before the experiment is complete.'


The 2020 adjustable HOLEMORE Putting Trainer allows you to mix up your distances and level of difficulty. This unit is three times the challenge, so no chance you'll ever get bored or stale with your practice ever again - GET YOURS NOW!!!


Whether you're investing in your stroke today or not, thanks for checking us out, and good luck on the greens!!!   





Alex Moore 


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