HOLEMORE The Putting Fix

The tour proven HOLEMORE is the fastest way to fix your putting forever! Defeat the yips in an hour, roll laser straight putts in a day, and master perfect speed control in a week – GUARANTEED! I promise you, get yourself a HOLEMORE today, and you’ll love your putting tomorrow – it’s that simple.


  • Tour Proven Putting Aid
  • Kinetic Ball Returner
  • Patented Skill Challenge
  • Includes Troon Dual Speed Mat


  • Improve your line, speed and confidence right out of the box
  • Benefits everyone from beginners to tour pros
  • Makes putting practice addictive and super focused
  • Never move to retrieve a ball again
  • Get tour quality feedback anywhere, anytime


  • Banish the YIPS in an hour
  • Master line control in a day
  • Fix your speed and distance in a week
  • No batteries required
  • Portable, easy set up and use