• Paul Shefras

How can using this device translate to putting on the greens?

Here is a question we get asked all the time.

The simplest answer is, after using the HoleMore for just a few days, the next time you have a straight putt on the course, you’ll be full of confidence that you will make it.

Knowing you can putt to the point you are aiming at is vital when you play any putt, but remember the old chestnut, ‘every putt is a straight putt'? Well, when you become confident in your ability to roll a straight putt, your breaking putts will also improve. The precision required for the 'Catch and Release' challenge of our device is the key to controlling the pace of your stroke, and by practicing this over and over again, your skills will be razor-sharp in no time.

Once the muscle-memory is ingrained from hitting literally hundreds of putts, you know your setup and action is dialled in and you will know the ball is going to go exactly where you aimed it.

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