• Alex Moore

The Boomerang is not just a putting trainer it's a tough skill challenge and a ball returner...

Updated: May 9, 2020

... the Boomerang is unmatched for distance control and lag putting practice. The ‘catch’ must be a precise lag put. If not, the ball’s coming back for you to try again. Every time. That’s how efficiently it works as a ball returner.

As for line control, the ‘release’ putt is a striking putt that needs to hit a 2” wide target - flush in the face - it won’t knock it out. If not, the second ball’s now coming back for you to try again. Getting you get your first ‘Catch & Release,’ is a real sense of achievement.

When you do 2 in-a-row you’ll know your skills are growing! And, if and when you can do it 24 times in-a-row, you’ll have the new World Record 😁 This is a way you can measure and manage your putting improvement.

Sounds easy. It really isn't. But whether it is or not, the entire time you are trying your stroke mechanics and muscle memory are being honed and improved. That much anyone can agree with!

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