2021 HOLEMORE Tour Combo

2021 HOLEMORE Tour Combo

This pack contains


1 x 2021 HOLEMORE Tour Model (Putting Trainer)

1 x 2m HOLEMORE Training Mat 
1 x 3m WIN MORE Crystal Velvet Tournament Mat
1 x Phone Cradle
2 x Hole Depth Reducers 



    The HOLEMORE Tour Combo comes with the fully adjustable device, which has three different height settings and three different degrees of difficulty.

    The Combo also contains a 3m Crystal Velvet Tournament Mat and a 2m Training Mat. Both mats are bound and have a rubber backing so they lie flat very quickly.

    There's a camera cradle for recording your stroke from a 'worm's eye view' perspective. When you can see the relationship between the putter and the ball from this angle, on a perfectly straight putt, you'll learn so much!

    Finally, there's support. If you're struggling with your setup or stroke, please DM me and I'll personally guide you through the process.