It's not because it steals lunch money, but because the 'Bully' can make a ball go where you want it to. If used as intended, and with BoomTech, your Bully can help you reduce break and plow over spike marks, heel prints and uneven surfaces. When used correctly, the Bully will help you create pure topspin, to keep your ball on line longer!


The flat sole on my putters is like having a built in 'user manual.' A user manual that says, 'For best results, please use exactly like this...' Why a flat sole? Well, if a putter has loft on the face, it needs to be used in a certain way to create overspin. Used in any other way, the loft will be at an angle to the ball-target line, removing any chance of pure overspin and forcing your putts to tail off as they lose momentum.

My putters have loft on the face. They also have a mono set up position, meaning they're easy to use as intended. My mantra is: Sit the putter flat, join the lines, pull the trigger!

Every time you 'pull the trigger' on one of my putters you do so with the best possible chance of starting your putt on your intended line, and your best possible chance of using the putter's loft to drive your ball exactly where you need it to go!


Scroll down and have a look at the golf ball at rest on the putter face below. It's doing so because every one of my putters, EZ-1 & Bully, is hyper-face balanced. Why is it important? Let me just say that if I purposefully unbalance a putter, make the shaft a little long or short, then the ball doesn't go where I expect it to. When I hyper-face balance them, on the other hand, they direct a ball exactly as expected, time after time after time.


Using one of my putters as intended, they don’t just fix your eyes directly over the ball-target line (the perfect position for the Boomerang Technique), but they also locate your hands in their optimum position too. The result is incredibly accurate aim, and increased consistency too.

The method of positioning your eyes so precisely is via a simple parallax (a pair of offset marks that change position according to where you view them from). With the putter sitting flat, there’s only one eye position from which they will appear to align. I call it free information – and you can see them in the picture above. Viewed from any other position, the lines will not align.

With both you and your putter fixed in the optimum position to roll a ball with pure overspin, I hope you’ll get a small insight into why I describe my putters as, ‘consistency on a stick!’

FREE TIP: You can do this with most putters (providing your eyes are over the line), it’s called synchronization, and you can use it to eliminate distance control problems literally overnight! You can read more about a synchronized putting stroke (The Boomerang Technique) and see it in action by signing up for BoomTech.


Excuse the cliché, but I saved the best for last... My putters aren't just easy to aim, supremely accurate AND incredibly consistent... They're also amongst the only putters in the world that come with they're own putting stroke.

Any degree of side spin will make a ball tail left or right as it loses momentum. My putters can create pure topspin, to keep your ball online longer. When done correctly, topspin can make a putt hold a line - like it's riding a rail! Achieving pure topspin isn't hard and when you add topspin to your arsenal, the feeling is pure confidence!

Compared to the EZ-1, the Bully suits faster greens and tournament play. Putting it another way, the EZ-1 is like a Bully - with training wheels.

NOTE: Learning BoomTech is easier with a perfectly balanced putter. Use an EZ-1 and you can be confident your set up never changes, and the lines on your putter point right at its sweet spot.


My putters aren't just incredibly accurate and consistent. Nor are they just the most user friendly putters going. They're not just CNC milled from marine grade stainless steel, with a genuine Boomerang single bend shaft, grip & head cover. Or the only putters in the world designed to beat the Boomerang... On top of all that, they're also fantastic value for money!


Before ordering your Boomerang putter please make sure you choose the correct length. Fitting either of my putters is simple. Just take a single measurement, in shoes, from your middle finger tip to the floor. Then use that measurement to select a length from the information here. Don't see your measurement? Contact me for a custom fitting, there's no extra charge.


70-75cm from floor = 35"
65-70cm from floor = 34"
60-65cm from floor = 32"
55-60cm from floor = 30"


1. Available right handed
2. Finish: Brushed
3. 403 stainless steel
4. CNC Milled
5. Head weight 339g
6. Loft 2°, Lie 71°
7. Stock lengths 30-36"


1. Available right or left handed
2. Finish: Brushed
3. 403 stainless steel
4. CNC Milled
5. Head weight 378g
6. Loft 1.5°, Lie 71°
7. Stock lengths 30-36"


1. Precision balanced, by hand
2. Mono setup, for balance
3. Parallax alignment, for perfect aim
4. Extra thick face promotes solid feel
5. Genuine Boomerang single bend shaft
6. Custom Magnetic Head Cover
7. Quality Boomerang Grip, for BoomTech


1. Locks in optimum hands
2. Locks in optimum eyes
3. Promotes accuracy & consistency
4. Designed specifically for BoomTech
5. Extra thick face for extra solid feel