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Ryder Cup Captain Has One!!

“I started using the Boomerang at Jesse's (Mark James) house, now I've got my own - it's a great tool.” Sam Torrance - European Ryder Cup Captainn

Top Ten Player Has One Too!!
“I use the Boomerang whenever I'm at home.” Justin Rose - PGA Tour

'Very useful' according to one of the World's Top Putting Guru's
“There's a lot more to the Boomerang than meets the eye. I think it's very useful for anyone who wants to improve their putting.” Harold Swash - European Tour Putting Guru, YES! Putters

Boomerang - redefining normal relationships!
"I love my Boomerang!" Jeong Jang - LPGA Tour, 2005 British Open Champion

US Putting Doctor Doesn't Mince Words
"Very clever!" Geoff Magnum - The Putting Zone


One of the easiest to use and most effective aids we’ve seen!

To begin with the Boomerang was easy to set up and within a couple of minutes we were making putts and working on our stroke and tempo. The Boomerang makes you work on your accuracy and distance. The speed of a putt is very important and the Boomerang helps you develop the touch you need to “just get the putt to the hole”.

The Boomerang can easily be adjusted to effectively increase the length of putts by adjusting the angle of the hole up or down. It is a low tech training aid that doesn’t require batteries and it has no moving parts so it works every time.

It was fun and easy to use so most of the reviewers used it for up to a half an hour at a time. It was a challenge to see how many putts in a row you could make and keep hitting putts on line and at the right speed. It was very effective at improving golfer’s tempo of putts because it was easy to hit putt after putt on the same line and speed which helped to ingrain muscle memory into the stroke.

It can be used as a game at get-togethers where even people who are not skilled at golf can have fun playing with it. There are many games that can be played and competitions can be conducted in many different ways. There are many more aspects to the Boomerang that can be reviewed by visiting the Boomerang website.

There is a cool video of a guy who makes many putts in a row. Finally, we have reviewed many putting training aids and we can say the Boomerang is one of the easiest to use and most effective ones we have seen over the years. And it is very reasonably priced.



A review of the BT Trainer after the first 2000 putts.

So, what is it?

In a word, it's a trick! The BT Trainer looks so easy, but it's not. It looks quite tolerant, but it's not. It looks like a toy, but it's not. It's a trick!

The BT Trainer is hard to master. It takes precision and allows little margin for inaccuracy. This little gadget will do so much more for your putting, than you'll expect from a device this simple.

The setup is easy. You clip the stand to the board and you're good to go. Put it on your living room carpet, over an old putting mat or get one of the 3 specially designed mats, with a stimp best fitting your normal course conditions. You can putt on a hardwood floor if you like, but I do suggest a carpet or a mat.

That's it! Start hitting those putts, and the first benefit shows up, right away: When you miss, the ball comes right back to you, and you're good to go again. That means you can do a lot of repetitions in a very short time, meaning you can get valuable practice in, even if you only have 5-10 minutes on hand.

The drill itself is easy to grasp. You hit a ball into the hole-sized depression at the top, and then you hit another ball up, to knock the first one back down. But here's where it gets tricky. In order for the depression (henceforth: 'hole') to catch the ball, the speed has to be just right. The margin allowed is appx half the width of a hole, from the front lip, to the middle of the hole. If your putt is longer than that, it can be dead center, perfect line, the hole won't catch. Also, if your putt isn't dead center, the ball will roll on the lip, and margins will be even smaller, often returning the ball to you.

I haven't done the math on this, but from feel, I would say, that the margin for catching the ball, roughly translates to a foot past the hole on a flat surface, at the most.

Imagine if you could get your speed right to inside a foot past the hole on every lag putt you hit. Just imagine.

OK, so now you have a ball caught in the hole. Now you have to release it. This takes a slightly different, firmer putt - not much, just slightly - you know, like that confident stroke you use to take a bit of break out on short putts. Firmer, but only slightly!

And here's the other tricky part: If the second putt is not dead center, it will not transfer it's energy to the first ball correctly, and the ball won't release. You need to miss inside 1/4 of the width of the ball, perhaps even less, to get a proper release.

So, while your trying to get the speed right, you actually learn to hit dead straight putts too.

Imagine if you could hit every 6-footer inside 1/4 of a balls width off your intended line. Not to mention every 15-footer. Just imagine.

Does it work? Absolutely. I took this opportunity to break in a new putter, that I bought in the fall, but didn't feel too comfortable with, so I quickly went back to my old putter. A couple of thousand putts has definitely helped already. My tempo has improved, my consistency has improved (my record for catch/release sequences is 4 at the moment - plenty of room for further improvement) and my precision has improved, especially on the firm putts, where I had a tendency to 'pull' and miss left. I'm without a doubt rolling the ball a lot better and with more control of distance, and I'm also rolling them straight on the intended line.

No matter how steep a slope you're putting across, from a mechanical point of view, every putt is straight. If you can start the ball on your intended line, and roll it with a speed appx 1' past the hole, you have the best possible foundation for making the putt.

I feel the BT Trainer is a brilliant way to build this foundation.

Happy putting.

Heading For Scratch!

Hi Alex,

You really created an awesome putting training aid! I never realized practicing putting could be this fun! I have it set up with the reverse side of the cup set up to a depth slightly less than a half inch and have learned that my touch, distance and speed control have to be really good in order to get the ball in the cup. Your training aid is absolutely awesome for developing distance and speed control which is exactly what I was looking for! The release part is actually a lot easier on the setting I am currently on. I will start adjusting it and playing around and practicing with the several different settings you provide. For now, I am on level 4 as you had advised to start on and I have gotten about 15 C&Rs already from various distances and one from eight feet. The most awesome thing so far, however, is after practicing with it, I picked out different spots on my living room carpet and was able to putt the ball within about an inch of that spot, one time close to 20 feet away and it was really easy to do! I will definitely keep you updated and am really excited when the weather warms up here in another month or so and I can put on some greens outdoors and enjoy being an awesome putter and possibly a scratch golfer this year!


Jon - via email

The New Club Champion!

Just thought I would share the benefits I have been getting out of using this product. Here is an email I sent Alex yesterday.

Just wanted to let you know how I have been going of late with my putting. The other month I was able to take out the club championships in my grade. Going into the last round at the half way mark, I was tied for the lead, and the next guy in contention was about 8 shots behind us. Needless to say, it was a two horse race with nine to play. Throughout the final nine holes, my putting was my rock, and I holed some really clutch putts. I wasn't really striking the ball that well, and on a few holes, I was less then happy with some of my approaches. Needless to say, those knee trembling 20-30 foot putts were like taking candy from a baby. Putting them consistently close to the hole and even holing a few 20 footers ended up making all the difference. The other guy that was in contention, at the 17th tee, said to me, "I can't keep up, your too good on the greens". Immediately I thought of you and your product, and the difference it has made to my game.

Aside from the club championships, there is one more achievement I am even more proud of. Last weekend on saturday, I blitzed the field of 110, to win the competition by 5 shots! I had my best score ever and finished with a net 58!!! Admittedly, I have worked hard at my game, both at the range and using the boomerang. I am so excited about my game at the moment, and for the most part, I have you to thank.

I see that you also now have a Prestwick mat, that is a lot slower than the others you sell. I am very interested, as the greens where I play aren't as quick as your other mat's, so it looks like I will be looking to put an order in for one soon. Thanks again Alex!

Shane Van Oosten -

Gets My Playing Partners Yelling!

"I've noticed a considerable improvement in putting. I use the Boomerang regularly on different levels. The last two 9 hole rounds were great. I was still hacking up the course a little with my irons but the putting saved me. I was 1 or 2 putting everything except for 1 hole where I three putted. My speed is right on with almost everything. Since using this, I've gotten about 4 birdies because of this tool. Normally I get 1-2 birdies a year. I've had way more pars because of this. It just brings the score down. Now I have to work on my irons a little more to bring everything together.

"When I talk about 1 putts, I'm not talking about gimmes. The 1 putts I'm hitting are longer and get my group yelling when it goes in. I hit 2 putts yesterday that were about 20 footers. I hit about 4 other fairly long putts yesterday that curled around the hole or burned the edges or fell the right distance for an easy tap in. It's just a relief to hit a 20 foot putt on a par 3 when I'm on the green in 3 hits and end up with a bogey instead of a 5 or 6 which I normally would get after a random blow up (which isn't the norm for me but it happens).

"I'm more and more confident, more accurate with distance, and more accurate with aim with all putts. I've used other putting greens before and you just don't develop like you do with this."

John Krehnovi Amazon

Hardly Missed A Thing!

Love this thing! I had a mechanical ball returner picked up at a garage sale years ago just on the carpet and I thought I was training effectively. Now that I have the boomerang I am seriously improving my putting. Like a previous poster I move up and down the mat hitting different length putts trying not to hit more than 3-4 from one spot. I have the cup screwed up flush with the ramp most of the time with the ramp set on between 3 and 6 just getting my stroke consistent.

I've been punishing myself with very little lip when setup that way making it next to impossible to get a ball to stay in the cup and it's paying dividends with my distance control. My biggest benefit is my putts inside 6-10ft. Ive been using it with the mat on a polished concrete floor and it is dead straight. I've been able to groove a repeatable stroke and my confidence is sky high at the moment inside that distance and as such I've hardly missed a thing in that range.

When I first got it I really and embarrassingly had trouble hitting the ramp from the end of the mat. Being dead straight it was instantly showing me that I was hitting it left especially because you know your lined up correctly. I used a camera like in the YouTube videos on the site and tried to compare my stroke to some of the pros. I realized I was lifting the putter almost straight up and to the inside and decelerating badly resulting in poor putts pulling most of them left. I now have a nice stroke that is very consistent and Im making so many more putts than before. I haven't tried the challenge with the cash prize but the way I'm using it is ultimately having a beneficial impact on my game. For the price it's definitely worth it.

Bushy007 -

I used to hate 4 footers. Now I love them!!

I bought the Boomerang Golf Putting thingy, and went from hating the 4 foot putts to loving them. I think I missed one putt from within 1.5m on the weekend.

Much Improved Distance Control!

I usually missed the putts short, being too tentative on them. My distance control after using this has improved so much. I guess it’s similar to the tour sticks, where the mat is only just wider than your putter, but you are putting about 2.5m, so you have to hit it straight, and perfect lag distance. If you are too short it doesn’t get up the ramp, to long and it won’t stay in the cup.

Nailing the Short Putts!

What I found really got me sinking putts was not caring if I missed. I knew that if I didn’t sink the 3m putt, I’d nail the follow up. By product of that, you sink the 3m putt because you hit your line.

The world record on consecutive shots is 21… my record is 2.


Putting practice is usually boring but this is addictive!!

I bought the Boomerang putting aid last week and am finding it a bit addictive. There's a catch/release system and a napless 'carnoustie' mat (stimped at 11/11.5) which you buy separately. The aim is to groove stroke and distance control.

You have to set the system so that the ball will catch if rolled from less than half way down the 'hole' but will release and fall out if rolled from the middle or above. Once the first ball is caught, you hit a second ball to knock the other ball above centre and therefore release both balls back to you. It's bloody difficult to say the very least - the world record is 12 in a row and I can see why.

I'm finding it a good tool, easily transportable and as I said fairly addictive which is a good quality in any practice aid. The system can be set a 6 different levels of slope and the site gives you corresponding distances for normal greens ... so if you're hitting from 12 feet on the system up a level 6 slope the site will tell you that this, say equivalent to a 35 foot putt (or whatever).

Oh, and my wife is happier with this system as it takes up less room and is easy to put away!

Myksyk -

Sans 3 Putts!

31 putts today. Zero 3 putts. Ordinary at middle distance still.

Haven't practiced putting in 8 days but felt good over the lag putts straight after I rolled the first one. Continue to surprise myself with how good the result is even on ones I think I have fudged up.

Pieface -

So Much Confidence!

Played pennants and won 3/2. Would have been more except that I had my son caddy for me, and didn't think it was a good look trashing my opponent by 7 or 8. So I took few risky shots I usually wouldn't take in a matchplay. This win was due the improvement in my putting. We played WAGC,
those in Perth would know how fast and true these greens could be. The first hole is measured 226m par 3. I hit 180m 5w into the wind and pitched 15m past the whole hole to the top tier. Made the putt middle hole.

2nd hole 421 par 4, hit driver 3w and wedge to 10' and made the putt for a win.

3rd hole, halved with a 5' bogey.

4th hole, regulation par out of a Bunker. Missed the birdie due to wrong line. Made the 3' back.

5th hole par 3, tee shot missed left by 30m from the pin. Chip and run to 6' and made the putt.

To have so much confidence in my putting just meant that I had my opponent under my control. I didn't care that I was not playing regulation golf. It lifted my short game because there no pressure on getting to the hole close enough.

16th hole par 3, hit my tee shot 20m right pin high. Pitched over the Bunker to 8'. My opponent played his 3rd from the front Bunker to 10' and conceded the match. I made the putt centre of the cup.

BOOM BABY! Thank you Putting Guru.. Could not have done it without your tools or advice.

My putting has definitely improved. More confidence and my green reads are better because I hit my line.

Some Guy I had a round with for the first was asking me putting tips because he thought I was a good putter. I pointed him to the website.
Idgolfguy -


The boomerang is very unforgiving. I think it's easy to lose sight that you might jump on it for 5 minutes and hit 30+ dead straight putts, with most likely to finish in close range, even if you only manage a couple of catch and releases in that figure. You tend to focus on the lack of C&R success but it is grooving your stroke with every putt. I think this is why I am seeing pretty good results even when I think I have not put the best stroke on it.

I thought you putted pretty good 'nut...? How many did you have?

Pieface -

Fun & Fast & Valuable!

I really enjoy the boomerang...... and after using it for a 6 weeks think it could be a valuable game improvement device for anyone that wanted to improve their putting and shave a few strokes off. I consider myself to be a pretty good putter ( average less than 30) but spending a bit of time on the boom has really grooved my stroke. Any practice is good practice though. If I was to hit putts for 15 mins a day on my carpet I may have found my stroke felt better as well but I wouldn't have done that. Boom is fun to play with, gives me quick feed back and has helped my stroke no doubt.

Great for putting confidence regardless of your putting style!

The method behind some of the theory on the monty move etc is solid but at this stage not for me. In saying that if I was a golfer averaging over 36 putts a round I think practice on the boom daily, whatever method you decide to follow, will help bring that down quickly. Putting is all a bout confidence, under pressure. The more time you spend practicing the better it will get, fact!.. For me personally it has helped MY putting stroke and given me much more confidence...

popper81 -

Confident for the first time in a while!!

I must say that for the first time in quite a while I feel pretty confident of getting close with my putting. The lengthening of the through swing and acceleration through the ball is providing me with a much smoother, repeatable stroke.

IanO -

Can’t even remember the last time I was putting so well!

I probably spent a good two hours each day on the Boomerang and I went from being horrible at this system to somewhat respectable... the results speak for themselves. It was pretty incredible. I was hitting putts within 6" of the cup consistently. I can't remember the last time I was putting so well and consistently. Probably not since High School when I played competitively 10-12yrs ago. That's when I had the time and luxury to practice nearly everyday.

Michael Ha - GolfWRX

Absolutely Awesome & Well Worth It!

The Boomerang is absolutely awesome. It forces you to really, really work on line and speed to the point that you have to be exact on both. It can be really frustrating during practice though, but I've found the tradeoff of less frustration when it matters to be worth it. Just make sure you practice different distances and whatnot. And as you don't have to spend time shagging balls, you easily knock 3 times as many putts as you otherwise would if just knocking balls to a target in a given time. As for green reading, I've found that to be much easier to do when you know that the ball will go where you want it. So get the Boomerang, use it, and the rest will take care of itself.


Dialing in the Distance!

I love the thing for just being able to pound out putt after putt. It is hard to stop the ball in the cup, but I'm getting decent at it. The main thing I'm concerned with putting at home is a good stroke and straight putt. This is great for practicing that considering the mat and ramp is only about 6 inches wide. The ball pretty much always gets returned within reach and you can easily hit 100 putts in a short session. With the speed of the mat and angle of the ramp, you're practicing very long putts with only about 8-9 feet of distance, however I've found that it doesn't mess up my distance control. I was at the practice green yesterday and was able to dial in the distance very quickly after two straight weeks on the boomerang.


This will grove your stroke more than anything else!

This is a very clever device. Not much to it, but there doesn't have to be. It is much more challenging than any other device I have used, and more reliable in getting the ball back to you for the next shot than most. I like the fact that it has no cord or batteries, and it is clear this will grove your stroke more conveniently than most anything else.

Solutions Etcetera -

Significant Reduction In Putts Per Round!

This contraption has helped everyone I know. Good putters get better and poor putters get decent... this thing reduced my putts per round significantly.

"buster" -

Incredibly Impressed!

I received my Boomerang Putting System in the mail last Friday. I've been using it for about thirty minutes a day and I've got to say I'm incredibly impressed with it. I've seen some brief reviews of the Boomerang and I wasn't horribly impressed. It seemed so simple, just lag the first putt in, and strike it out with the second. I was really wrong. The Boomerang is marked by simplicity in design, but extreme difficulty in execution. Let me explain...

"Taylormadefan" -

Awesome! Did I say Awesome? I really mean Awesome!

I got a Boomerang putting aid after reading about it on FGI. I have to say this thing is awesome!! It has really improved my putting. After using it for a couple of weeks went out to the course and had a 26 putt round!!

26 Putts!! That’s like 10 one putts and zero 3 putts dudes!

"1puttit" - FGI Golf Forum

Total Control

I've made more 8-10 footers this year than ever before. When I first started using it (the Boomerang putting system), I had trouble hitting 3 or 4 in a row that stayed on the ramp. I can make several hundred putts now and control how far into the white disk the ball rolls before it either sticks or comes back.

BD - St Petersburg, FL

Smooth Stroke

The Boomerang putting aid has helped me smooth out my stroke and switch to a center shafted face balanced putter which has had the following effects: Less 3 putts. Better distance control on downhill putts. Sinking more putts from 4 - 8 feet. Anything inside of 3 feet is in. I'm happier with my putting so far this year as my main goal was to improve my putting and putting stats 🙂

DCB - Golf Forum

Best Money You Can Spend On Your Game

Likes: So simple and so effective. There's nothing like a Boomerang. If you want to turn your putting from a liability to a strength there's only one answer. Buy a Boomerang it's so addictive you can's stop practicing. Very few moving pieces... Quality: Can't really hurt it. Summary: Without a doubt the best $40 you can spend on your game.

"Sir Hits-a-lot" - Golf Tuition On-line

Like Being A Kid Again

Practicing with the Boomerang really makes you want to challenge yourself. I have found it to provide a truly addictive putting experience. It reminds me of when we were juniors practicing so hard and not coming in from the putting green until we had sunk twenty putts in a row from different lengths. The Boomerang provides this type of enjoyment and I believe this alone makes it a worth while investment for any standard of player.

Realistic Feedback!

The Boomerang is the only putting device that I have used that offers a true representation of how the ball behaves around the cup. Be sure that if you do not get the pace right and your putt is not dead centre then it will lip out with the boomerang. It is this type of realistic feedback that makes the Boomerang so addictive. You feel that you can beat the Boom so you just keep on trying, and once you feel that you have mastered it you can reduce the cup depth, which will increase the level of difficulty again.

"Gandalf" - Golf Tuition On-line

Perfect Training Tool While Recovering From Injury

I picked up a Boomerang putting trainer as I was recovering from a broken knee/leg and only recently started being able to stand long enough to use it. I don't get too many catch and releases, though I can from about 3 feet only. But, I watched the DVD twice and I go to the putting green at a nearby course once a week (I don't get to swing a club for 2 more months).

Warning! Do not use this training aid if you don’t believe in miracles and get uncomfortable when people watch you make putt after putt!

Alex's system is working miracles for me. Just the technique that he talks about in the video, matching the head to the ball and making sure they both arrive at the hole at the same time (basically, just a tip to keep you accelerating through the ball). From about 10 feet on a real green I am rolling in an average of 3/4 balls (so much so that people were starting to look at me, because of the noise of all the balls going into the hole).

"Hoselmagnet" - FGI Golf Forum

If Only I Could Putt; Now I Can!

This unit is the most unique, easy and best feedback system that I have ever used. What this unit tells you are numerous flaws and habits that you have acquired over your golfing career. We ask ourselves many times how do I lower my handicap and the first thing that comes up is IF I COULD ONLY PUTT. Reading the greens is an art in itself, but rolling the ball straight off the putter is where it starts. Some have an inside out stroke and some have an outside in stroke. Both will cause the ball to spin in an unwanted path. If you learn to stoke the ball straight it will go straight. Instant feedback is at your view with this training device. It also helps you to control speeds and lengths of putts. This is a must for any one interested in shaving a couple of stroke of their handicap. Dislikes: NONE. Quality: Excellent

"Titupp" - Golf Gear

Been Holing Putts Since 2000

I got the first Tour Model back in 2000. It did the job for seven years and has only recently been replaced by the sleeker, more versatile and challenging Pro Model. DemolitionMan has eagle eyes to find this one. Many thanks Alex.

I spotted this on the second series of Entourage, Disk 3, Episode Name: 'Exodus' Time: about 6:30 in to the show.

DemolitionMan at

Much Improved

The Boomerang has improved my putting so much! I am reading Tiger Woods How I Play Golf and he gives some great putting instruction. Most of it was simply a refresher course for me due to the boomerang CD. More than anything it's fun.. Thanks for the message and I hope I can help you sell a million of them.

Clinton Callaway - Golf Tuition On-line

Super Addictive

Well it's been a few months since I've had my Boomerang Putting Aid and let me tell you...this sucker is addicting! In a good way! It's a rather simple contraption consisting of an artificial turf mat...what the Boomerang folks call "Carnoustie" which rolls at about a 11-12 on the stimpmeter and a plastic ramp. The ramp has a "cup" which can be adjusted in depth depending on how good you get with the Boomerang. The ramp angle itself can be adjusted to give the feel of different length of putts.

The "object" if you can call it that is to putt a ball into the cup area without having it roll out. Then with a second ball you knock the first ball out. Let me tell you....sounds easy but it's not. This mat drove me nuts. It was like playing computer mini golf. It drives you nuts and is totally addicting.

My initial impressions upon using the Boomerang was that it was just awful. I couldn't get a ball to stay in the cup and if I did, I couldn't' knock it out. I wrote emails to my buddy Beruo about how awful it was and that I probably got a defective one. I told him I hated it but at the same time I couldn't stop practicing on it. Actually the Boomerang was working perfectly. It was providing me immediate feedback. It was telling me how bad my stroke had deteriorated and that with work and practice, things could be much better for me. More...

"pitbull808" -

No Bumps, Spike Marks or Break. No Excuses, Just Your Stroke

First off, I have not yet played a round because of a miserable thing in the Midwest called winter, so this is not a real valid review........but...........I have to tell you this thing is the real deal.

At first I didn't really see why it could be of any real value...then..after realizing, as long as your surface is perfectly flat, if you's the stroke you put on it. No excuses. No bumps, no spike marks, no break. Just the stroke. I have two putters I have been going back and forth in my mind on what to use this season and the Boomerang has all but decided this for me.

I cannot wait to get out on the course and see what it has done for me. Right now, I am so confident in my stroke and pace I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.

If any of you have a serious problem with putting, I recommend the Boomerang in a heartbeat. I will post more after a round or two. BTW, Alex is a first class dude.

"Greg Flado" - 4GEA Golf Forum

So Clutch it’s Ridiculous

I agree with the above posters that the Boomerang has made me so clutch with lag putts its ridiculous. Even though the greens I play on are much slower than the green the Boomerang comes with, it has given me such feel for my putter and my stroke that my speed control is amazing no matter what green I play on.

"TheHomez" - The Sand

Confidence is Amazing

I've been practicing about a 1/2 hour a night for the last 2 weeks and played yesterday. I had 6 one putt greens and a total of 31 putts for the round - which for me is a great improvement. Now when I sit over a 4'-6' putt I know what to do. My confidence on the green is amazing. Buy this - use this - benefit from this. It can only help.

"Sandmanlogan" - The Sand

Helps Highlight My Errors, And Correct Them!

Well, here's my observations after having one for a little while:

1. I watch the path of the ball - if it's starts slightly outside and then turns to the cup, I know that I've come slightly from inside-out in path.
2. It's also easier for me to see if I'm moving my hands in the stroke or moving my shoulders. I've found the background of the mat allows me to see these errors.
3. I can also see if I'm loose with my wrists by watching the reaction of the ball.
4. I use the Boomerang in conjunction with the Putting Arc - which also helps point out errors.
5. It's a nice little game, too.

Those are just a few examples. You could do the same with other mats. But I've been able to see more miscues with the Boomerang than others. I also like the way the ball comes right back at me. It also gives one a little challenge with the game so I stay with it a bit longer.Good luck with your putting.

"J SwingMan" - 4GEA Golf Forum

So Addictive You’ll Need A 12 Step Program To Quit

I received my Boomerang putting trainer yesterday, having won it in the Best Putters thread. I am a good putter for 1 simple reason: I practice my putting a lot, probably 2 hours every week during the season on a real green. Now, during the winter I hardly practice at all. I have all of the putting Gizmos, but rarely able to work at it for more than 10 minutes due to boredom or chasing balls all over the house.

Okay, I am very impressed with the Boom's ability to feedback the correct speed. Trap it, you know it is a good putt. That being said, after 1 day of using it, I can pretty well tell if the ball is going to trap as soon as I hit it. You know if it is a good putt or not naturally. Due to the alignment with the mat, you can check your stroke, alignment etc. So it is very useful for working on set up while hitting balls.

Personally, I am not viewing my Boomerang as a competitive device, I am viewing it as a tool to groove a good stroke. This product provides that very well, while keeping you entertained (Okay, it is as addictive as anything. I need a Boom 12 step program.) By keeping me interested, it will increase the time I spend working on my putting, and will help me drive down my Handicap. Anyone who views putting as less than a strength should derive a significant benefit from this device. Use it for what it is intended for and you will be more than satisfied with the product. Now, I need to find a way to hit full wedges in my kitchen during the winter...

"HOOKEDONMB" - 4GEA Golf Forum

You can easily tell if you are hitting the ball straight, or not, which is feedback you cannot get on the putting green

The Boom is a fine device - especially for the price. It's small, somewhat portable and easy to setup just about anywhere in your home of office. If it's on a level surface, you can easily tell if you are hitting the ball straight or not which is feedback you cannot get on the putting green.

As far as causing you to misjudge distances because of the ramp, even Pelz recommends putting occasionally on the fairway, rough and even the cart path to help develop feel. A single green can have different speeds as well as degrees of up and down depending on the direction you're hitting. I don't agree that the Boom will have an adverse effect on judging distances. A key to consistent putting is to be able to adjust your putting to what surface you're currently playing on, not to build one fixed stroke for one surface. You can certainly add some of Pelz's tools to the Boom for help in more specific areas.

"Jerry Rome" - 4GEA Golf Forum

No Regrets

I received my Boomerang two days ago; thanks, Alex. I practiced for two days now and I must say that it's already worth its money. Go on guys, place your orders. You won't regret it...

Matthias P - Spicy Golf Forum

Definitely an “A-HA!” Moment

I wanted to let you know that I received the boomerang a couple of weeks ago. It's addicting and I try to spend a few minutes everyday with it. Haven't put the mats end to end yet. Want to get more proficient with just the one. Though I do find that shorter putts are as equally difficult as longer ones - tend to always come up short. But I've tried your putting technique of chasing the ball with the putter head after contact. This has got to be the best method for successful putting. In just a couple of weeks, my lag putting and confidence has improved dramatically. I was focusing too much on the backswing. Definitely an "aha" moment. So far, you're the only person I've come across that promotes this method. Reinforces my opinion that most instructors don't know that much, just regurgitate what they've been told. The classic "I can teach you mechanics but not feel" - your method teaches feel, very simple and innovative. And I'll chalk up the fuzzy slippers to oz humor. Thanks!

Phillip Kim

BEST Round Ever

Another thank you is in order as my putting continues to improve. My speed control is excellent as I play everything off the feel of the 12ft Carnoustie mat I use so often at home. I've been working on green reading and it's coming along nicely too. Two putted from 60 feet on 18 today to seal my best round ever.

Bryan Bazilauskas

Second to None

I've had my Boomerang for over a year now and must say it's lowered my putting average significantly. My speed control is now second to none.

"tony k" - The Sand

Great Value

What an excellent product. It's a bargain! You can only buy so much technology, after that its up to you to practice. This is one of the few predicts that I have purchased and continued to use.

Chris Hunt - The Sand

One of the few golf products that I’ve purchased and still use

Of all the putting trainers, aids, devices, etc. On the market this is the best! I have had my boomerang for about six months now and can now drop 75% of my puts from 15 feet and 3 putting is very rare. I can line em up and judge the speed a lot better now. If you get tired of putting at one angle adjusted it and it's like putting from a different distance.

The price might seem high but once you start dropping putts from all over the place it is well worth it. Don't buy another expensive putter do yourself a big favor and buy the BOOMERANG - it's one of the best putting aids, if not the best putting aid out there! A GREAT PRODUCT!!!

A Gavant - Chesapeake, VA