Many thanks to the following players:

Frederik Andersson (Swe)
Raul Ballesteros (Spa)
Kariem Baraka (Ger)
Jon Bevan (Eng)
John Bickerton (Eng)
Alberto Binaghi (Ita)
Mike Capone (US)
Christian Cevaer (Fra)
Roger Chapman (Eng)
Alex Cejka (Ger)
Daniel Chopra (Swe)
Darren Clarke (Ire)
Paul Curry (Eng)
Eamon D'arcy (Ire)
Tobias Dier (Ger)
Ian Ellis (Eng)
Niclas Fasth (Swe)
Peter Fowler (Aus)
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Stephen Gallacher (Sco)
Ian Garbutt (Eng)
David Gilford (Eng)
Tom Gillis (US)
Ian Woosnam (Wal)
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Van Phillips (Eng)
Mark Pilkington (Wal)
Ian Poulter (Eng)
Ian Pyman (Eng)
Carl Pettersson (Swe)
Paolo Quirici (Sui)
Jamie Spence (Eng)
Costantino Rocca (Ita)
Mark Roe (Eng)
Justin Rose (Eng)
Wayne Reiley (Aus)
Mathias Gronberg (Swe)
Craig Hainline (US)
Soren Hansen (Den)
Peter Hanson (Swe)
Joakim Haeggman (Swe)
Domingo Hospital (Esp)
Gary Houston (Eng)
Simon Hurd (Eng)
Fredrik Jacobson (Swe)
Mark James (Eng)
Richard Johnson (Swe)
Michael Johzon (Swe)
Olle Karlson (Swe)
Soren Kjeldsen
Mats Lanner
Stephen Leaney (Aus)
Mikael Lundberg (Swe)
David Lynn (Eng)
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John Mellor (Eng)
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Peter Mitchell (Eng)
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Patrik Sjoland (Swe)
Johan Skold (Swe)
Des Smyth (Eng)
Henrik Stenson (Swe)
Graham Storm (Eng)
Carl Suneson (Eng)
Sam Torrance (Eng)
Philip Walton (Ire)
Ernie Els (SA)
Studart Appleby (Aus)
Dean Robertson (Sco)
Marcello Santi (Ita)


Ryder Cup Captain Has One!!

“I started using the Boomerang at Jesse's (Mark James) house, now I've got my own - it's a great tool.” Sam Torrance - European Ryder Cup Captainn

Top Ten Player Has One Too!!
“I use the Boomerang whenever I'm at home.” Justin Rose - PGA Tour

'Very useful' according to one of the World's Top Putting Guru's
“There's a lot more to the Boomerang than meets the eye. I think it's very useful for anyone who wants to improve their putting.” Harold Swash - European Tour Putting Guru, YES! Putters

Boomerang - redefining normal relationships!
"I love my Boomerang!" Jeong Jang - LPGA Tour, 2005 British Open Champion

US Putting Doctor Doesn't Mince Words
"Very clever!" Geoff Magnum - The Putting Zone


One of the easiest to use and most effective aids we’ve seen!

To begin with the Boomerang was easy to set up and within a couple of minutes we were making putts and working on our stroke and tempo. The Boomerang makes you work on your accuracy and distance. The speed of a putt is very important and the Boomerang helps you develop the touch you need to “just get the putt to the hole”.

The Boomerang can easily be adjusted to effectively increase the length of putts by adjusting the angle of the hole up or down. It is a low tech training aid that doesn’t require batteries and it has no moving parts so it works every time.

It was fun and easy to use so most of the reviewers used it for up to a half an hour at a time. It was a challenge to see how many putts in a row you could make and keep hitting putts on line and at the right speed. It was very effective at improving golfer’s tempo of putts because it was easy to hit putt after putt on the same line and speed which helped to ingrain muscle memory into the stroke.

It can be used as a game at get-togethers where even people who are not skilled at golf can have fun playing with it. There are many games that can be played and competitions can be conducted in many different ways. There are many more aspects to the Boomerang that can be reviewed by visiting the Boomerang website.

There is a cool video of a guy who makes many putts in a row. Finally, we have reviewed many putting training aids and we can say the Boomerang is one of the easiest to use and most effective ones we have seen over the years. And it is very reasonably priced.